Why Gold is Superior Money (Part III)

Larry Parks Explains Why Gold is Superior Money Part III – These three lectures were broadcast in 2010. Thus, the charts and exhibits are not up-to-date. However, all of the concepts remain valid. This presentation is given by Larry Parks, Executive Director of the Foundation for the Advancement of Monetary Education (FAME). More Information can […]

The Death of the Dollar (Part I)

Whenever the monetary authorities were able to create money out of nothing, there always came a time when they could not resist the temptation to overissue. What makes our monetary authorities different from those of the past? The Catholic Church has a line for this, and the Catholic Church has this exactly right: “In the […]

The Death of the Dollar (Part II)

Discusses the factors why the paper-ticket “dollar” will meet the fate of all paper money: it’s purchasing power will approach its cost of production, which is near zero. This lecture was prepared circa 2009. More Information can be found from Larry Parks HR1098 Congressional Testimony 9-13-11 To get a copy of What Does Mr. Greenspan […]

The Stupid (Prudent) Man Rule

Pension plan asset allocation that is theoretically and empirically stupid has been redefined as being prudent, thereby leading to a massive misallocation of pension plan assets. More importantly, since the US monetary system is dishonest, as well as many of the asset allocations being prima facie fraudulent, pension plan trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to […]

Labor & Union Issues

Labor, Unions and Workers know they have been swindled, their pensions jeopardized, and a lifetime’s work placed at risk. The last time American workers were faced with fixing their financial system, American Labor called for a fair and honest monetary system, enjoyed broad public support, and worked to achieve it. The ensuing prosperity lasted more […]

The Fed is Causing, not Curing, Deflation, Low Wages, Unemployment and Reducing Demand

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The Fed believes that Zero interest-rate policy (ZIRP) will boost the economy by increasing credit creation, making it more profitable to build factories, start businesses, with increased demand and employment to follow. ZIRP, a euphemism for facilitating the creation of legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket-electronic make-believe money out of nothing, does bring forward sales of some […]