Why US Monetary System Violates Jewish Law (Part III)

The U.S. monetary system and all legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket-electronic monetary systems worldwide violate scripture in every major religion. In the U.S., after the Civil War experience with paper money, called Greenbacks, there was a great deal of dissension about whether to resume gold-as-money. There were debates in the business, banking, and labor sectors about […]

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Labor & Union Issues

Labor, Unions and Workers know they have been swindled, their pensions jeopardized, and a lifetime’s work placed at risk. The last time American workers were faced with fixing their financial system, American Labor called for a fair and honest monetary system, enjoyed broad public support, and worked to achieve it. The ensuing prosperity lasted more […]

The Fed is Causing, not Curing, Deflation, Low Wages, Unemployment and Reducing Demand

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The Fed believes that Zero interest-rate policy (ZIRP) will boost the economy by increasing credit creation, making it more profitable to build factories, start businesses, with increased demand and employment to follow. ZIRP, a euphemism for facilitating the creation of legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket-electronic make-believe money out of nothing, does bring forward sales of some […]