Larry Parks Interviews Dan Oliver, President, Committee for Monetary Research and Education

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Dan Oliver is President, Committee for Monetary Research and Education, one of the oldest and most respected organizations focused on our monetary system. Some of the issues discussed were:

  • Why has gold, when it was available, been the free-market preference for money worldwide for thousands of years?
  • If gold is the preferred money, how come no country in the world uses it as money?
  • Why does gold always move from spenders to savers, e.g., from the US to China?
  • Goldsmiths/(banks) always issue more receipts for gold for which they do not have gold, sending all prices but gold higher. Reverse happens when the system collapses.
  • Why, during a credit bubble, is gold always undervalued as compared to industrial commodities? What is the effect on gold producers?
  • Why do politicians get corrupted by the bankers?
  • Talk to how this plays out, especially the forcing abrogation of liberty
  • What are the prospects for the relative valuation for gold and gold producers? What has to happen for these prospects to be realized?
  • Where we are now: the money printed since 2008 is still mostly fallow, sitting in cash accounts.
  • Can inflation occur in a stagnant economy or only when the economy “heats up”?

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