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Larry Parks Interviews Hon. David Stockman re his book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America

Some of the topics touched on include: Was Reagan a fiscal conservative? Did we have free market capitalism, or was that just spin? Was political control of economy really cut back under Reagan-Bush or was that spin? Is the Federal Reserve a symptom of crony capitalism? Fiscal stimulus, monetary central planning, bailouts. . . is it authorized? Stealing from the poor to give to the rich; “Triumph of the Warfare State”; Waste; The “supply-side fantasy”; lower taxes  more growth; Connection with Nixon’s default on gold redeemability; America used to promote sound money, free markets, fiscal rectitude – what changed? Money creation + prosperity + counterfeit cartoon; deficits don’t matter” ; The Greenspan Put; Too big to fail; Where are the Bond Vigilantes? Talk about manipulating interest rates . . . how is this done . . . who wins/loses? Is the current path beneficial or not to the middle class? Debt and deficits; Don’t we need to do this to pursue war in Iraq, Afghanistan, How come when Bush was president and controlled both houses the Republicans didn’t follow through with their promises? Did Bernanke really rescue us from another Great Depression, or did he just put off the evil day? Is our economy really recovering? Is capitalism inherently flawed? What does our future look like if we stay on the current course? Do you have any recommendations? Lobbying prohibitions, Glass-Steagall, deposit insurance, wealth tax, replace income tax with consumption tax, tax preferences for debt, constitutional amendments.

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More Information can be found from Larry Parks HR1098 Congressional Testimony 9-13-11 [1]
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