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Larry Parks interviews George Gilder about his book Knowledge and Power: The Information Theory of Capitalism and How it is Revolutionizing Our World

Gilder explains his take on how capitalism produces wealth and how our economy can reinvigorate itself to produce a higher standard of living for all people. Discusses what he calls “surprise elements” and entrepreneurs. Gilder discusses the central role of entrepreneurs in society as necessary to improve the standard of living for all. Explains how Gilder applies information theory in his book. Gilder explains the conflict between the knowledge of entrepreneurs and how they use that knowledge vs. government action that stifles entrepreneurship. Gives viewers examples of how entrepreneurship has flourished in the technical and especially digital spheres. Gilder explains why he believes that government/politicians have stymied innovation and improvements in other fields. Makes the case why government/ political action should be limited to help economic growth. Although not Jewish, Gilder has been a big champion of Israel, especially achievements there in science and technology. Explains to what he attributes the immense success in such a small country, especially one that has had to devote substantial resources to protect against itself against hostile neighbors. In some ways, Knowledge and Power is a sequel to Wealth and Poverty book. Gilder explains his thesis back then, and how has it evolved. In recent decades the amount of regulations appears to have metastasized to an incredible degree. Gilder talks about the effect this has on our economy and the standard of living, and, most important, what can be done about the avalanche of regulations.

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