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Larry Parks Interviews Prof. Mark Skousen re Structure of Production

Some of the topics discussed include GDP inadequacies and BEA new statistic that Dr. Skousen has been promoting for more than 25 years, Gross Domestic Expenditures, GDE. John James Cowperwaith, who administrated Hong Kong after WWII and his view that statistics should not be collected vs. the utility of government statistics. That waste and losses of physical output in the economy are collected by neither the GDP nor the GDE. Whether economists in general consider whether “policy” they recommend is authorized by the Constitution (they do not). Central bank policy to depreciate the purchasing power of money. Income/Wealth inequality + progressive taxes + 2013 Wall Street bonus pool $26.7B. The huge increase in worldwide debt (BIS reported that worldwide debt increased by $30T 2007 – 2013 to > $100T) and whether this is a problem. Why Freedomfest, the yearly confab that Dr. Skousen produces every year in Las Vegas.

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