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Larry Parks interviews Seth Lipsky, Editor, NY Sun, “It Shines for All: The Gold Standard Editorials of The New York Sun”

“This brilliant book is The Federalist Papers for a gold standard. It succinctly, dazzlingly – and convincingly – makes the irrefutable case for re-linking the battered dollar to gold. Alexander Hamilton would have been impressed – and you will be, too.” — Steve Forbes

“Classics of the editorial writing genre — just in time for the reckoning over the dollar. Couldn’t be more timely.” — David Stockman

“Persuasive, imaginative, and unfailingly entertaining”

That’s how James Grant, in the introduction to “It Shines For All,” describes the four dozen editorials on the gold standard that make up this volume from The New York Sun. “They constitute . . . a unique record of America’s monetary struggles — and of the world’s — in the first decade of the 21st century.”

* When scientists discovered that the official kilogram, a cylinder of platinum that had been locked away for more than a century, has been losing mass, only the Sun asked this question: Why not float the kilogram, just like we float the dollar?

* When Sarah Palin was ridiculed for questioning Ben Bernanke’s policy on the eve of the summit in Korea, the Sun was the first newspaper to defend her — sketching, in “Sarah Palin’s Seoul,” what sound money would mean for the international financial crisis.

* When the greenback started to collapse, the Sun published an editorial called “The Bush Dollar.” And when the Democrats gained control of Congress and the dollar plunged further, it was the Sun that proposed changing the name of the national unit of account to “The Pelosi.”

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