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In the last century, everyone knew about the “money issue.” Major political campaigns were fought over it from the time of the Revolution up until the Presidential election of 1896–William (pro-Gold) McKinley vs. William Jennings (pro-Silver/”Cross of Gold”) Bryan. McKinley–and gold–won, and the matter was thought to have been settled.

Even when President Roosevelt arbitrarily seized all of our citizens gold in 1933, unilaterally erasing the gold clause from all existing contracts and reneging on the Government’s promise to redeem its obligations in gold, that evening, in one of his famous “Fireside Chats,” he flatly stated “This currency is not fiat currency.” 

Since that time, Americans and others have been misled on the money issue. “Baby Boomers” know little of these matters. And “Generation X” have perhaps never even heard the phrase “fiat money.” There is a burning need to bring people up the learning curve about the money issue.

The books, monographs and other publications listed below are a particularly good place to start.

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