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Why US Monetary System Violates Jewish Law (Part II)

The U.S. monetary system and all legal tender irredeemable paper-ticket-electronic monetary systems worldwide violate scripture in every major religion. In the U.S., after the Civil War experience with paper money, called Greenbacks, there was a great deal of dissension about whether to resume gold-as-money.

There were debates in the business, banking, and labor sectors about the efficacy and legitimacy of paper money. But there was one sector that was adamant about the impropriety of paper money and which condemned it in no uncertain terms: the Protestant clergy.

Churchmen gave sermons all over the country condemning paper money on the grounds that it violated the Eighth Commandment (thou shall not steal), and many other important parts of the Bible, e.g., the admonitions in Deuteronomy not to tamper with weights and measures.

It was mostly on account of the moral argument, that paper money was dishonest, that President Grant signed the Resumption Legislation in 1875 to resume gold-as-money.

Jewish theology embraces all of the above, but adds an additional complaint. Our monetary system violates an important Jewish Commandment called Gnivas Das (literally not to steal one’s mind, meaning not to misrepresent).

This three-part lecture illustrates some of the more blatant misrepresentations about our money and relates them to violations of Jewish Law.

More Information can be found from Larry Parks HR1098 Congressional Testimony 9-13-11 [1]
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