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$10000 gold certificate 1915

Our financial and monetary system is neither honest nor stable. According to the US Constitution, it is also not authorized.

The authors of the US Constitution had been ruined by the financial system of their day. They took great trouble to write and speak about this, and provided protections to future generations. They wrote these protections into the Constitution, and spoke often against the kind of financial and monetary system we have now. As Americans, we have a right and a responsibility to share this information and tell others:

  • Labor, Unions and Workers know they have been swindled, their pensions jeopardized, and a lifetime’s work placed at risk. The last time American workers were faced with fixing the US financial system, American Labor called for a fair and honest monetary system, enjoyed broad public support, and worked to achieve it. The ensuing prosperity lasted more than a hundred years. It provided average Americans and millions of immigrants with better jobs, rising wages, and better lives for … <READ MORE>
  • Most Christians, Jews, Catholics, and Muslims know that the Bible and other teachings forbid the type of financial system we have now. In the last century, Christians saw the honesty of the financial system and “the money issue” in moral terms. Churches led the way, and local politicians on up to the President of the United States responded with … <READ MORE>
  • Students and others are objecting to rising tuition and the fraud, dishonesty, and deception they find at their own universities. The same university professors (usually monetary economists), praising free markets and transparency in their classrooms, are often contractually bound by the Federal Reserve not to disparage it. When was the last time you heard a university professor confess to being on the payroll of the Federal Reserve? At Harvard University … <READ MORE>

If you think you can help us with suggestions for this website, our message and research, or you have specific expertise working with unions, retirees, or students, please allow your voice to be heard. Please pray for our cause and our work, and please help return fairness, honesty and prosperity to our financial system.

Larry Parks, Executive Director

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